The Australian and New Zealand Cyber Security Institute (ANCI) is the peak, sovereign cyber security membership organisation for Australia and New Zealand.

ANCI’s objective is to improve the cyber resilience of Australia and New Zealand, by providing up-to-date, best-in-class education, information, and guidance, to members.

ANCI aims to achieve its mission by bringing together a diverse range of industry participants, for the development and deployment of thought leadership, best practice, policy, standards, and solutions. ANCI serves as a knowledge/resource platform where all stakeholders – including Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Chief Risk Officers (CROs), Cyber Security Service providers, Cyber Legal providers, Cyber Insurance providers, enterprises, Government agencies, and students – can collaborate in the sharing and development of knowledge and resources (including white papers, case studies, industry reports, peer-led research, best practice, thought leadership, innovation, webinars, podcasts, articles, frameworks, templates, roadmaps and presentations)

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