The Australian National Cyber Security Institute (ANCI) welcomes both businesses and individuals with an interest in improving the sovereign, and cyber resilience of Australia and New Zealand including:

  • Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and members of their internal and external security teams;
  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and members of their internal and external security teams;
  • Chief Risk Officers (CROs)
  • Cyber Security Service Providers and members of their teams (offensive, defensive and governance risk and complaint)
  • Cyber Legal Providers
  • Cyber Insurance Providers
  • Commercial and not-for-profit enterprises
  • Government agencies
  • Cybersecurity students and researchers

ANCI membership fees are based on the scale and size of a business or entity, measured by annual turnover.

ANCI membership is automatically afforded on a complimentary basis to current Approved Company members of CREST ANZ who are recognised by ANCI and the broader market as reliable, professional, high-quality information security testing service providers. CREST ANZ Approved Companies with proven technical capabilities and a commitment to integrity and high-quality service, are the preferred choice in information security testing providers.


    Membership of ANCI offers a wide range of benefits including:

    • A seat at the table – participation in ANCI’s forums, discussion groups, advisory panels and collaboration projects to discuss challenges, approaches and opportunities with like-minded peers.
    • Attendance at 2 ANCI cyber security forums per year (in both Sydney and Melbourne) – afternoons with networking drinks afterwards.
    • Access to ANCI’s thought leadership, best practice, policy, standards, and solutions (including white papers, case studies, industry reports, research, best practice, thought leadership, innovation, frameworks, templates, roadmaps, presentations, and key strategic cyber frameworks)
    • Participation in the annual deployment of our Cyber Security Benchmarking Assessment
    • Ability to send up to two participants each year to a nominated ANCI training program at half price 
    • Ability to use the ANCI logo.
    • Private LinkedIn Group Connection.

    Pricing & application 

    Please download the ANCI membership application form to determine the annual membership fees for your category of membership.

    Email your completed application form to [email protected] to begin your formal application.

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